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"It’s more fun in the Philippines" jingle released.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) on Thursday released the domestic jingle for the agency’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign via the video-sharing site YouTube.

The DOT didn’t release much information on the jingle, including its composer and performer.

Its catchy chorus tells listeners “It’s more fun in the Philippines, bakit pa lalayo? Sobrang swerte naman ng tsinelas mo, naka-apak na sa paraiso.”

On its official Twitter account, the agency merely said: “Have you heard of the new ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines - Domestic Jingle’? Here it is, let’s spread the FUN!”

While many said they liked the jingle, several can’t help but compare it to “Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas,” the theme song of Choose Philippines, whose video featuring “Pilipinas Got Talent” finalists El Gamma Penumbra went viral on the Internet.

“Focusing on the song, it’s not bad. Not as impressive as the version of the Regional Network Group of ABS-CBN, which is ‘Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas” by Angeline Quinto but it’s refreshing to hear a new sound quite different from the ones created by ABS-CBN. Para maiba naman,” wrote blogger Pusang Kalye.

“Mas maganda pa rin ‘yung ‘Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas,’” commented jeshuevos21 on YouTube.

“Better if my video na para makita ang na talagang it’s more fun in the Philippines,” jeshuevos21 added.

Some Twitter users also couldn’t help but notice the timing of the jingle’s release, which coincided with a robbery at the Robinsons Galleria mall in Quezon City.

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